Financial targets

NeoDynamic´s target is to reach a market penetration of at least 2 per cent of the breast biopsy device market and to reach a turnover of 120-140 MSEK in 2022 and continue to grow market shares and establish the technology for biopsies in other organs like prostate, lung, liver and kidney.

NeoDynamics financial targets set forth above constitute forward-looking information and are based on a number of assumptions about the environment in which the Company operates, which may vary significantly and deteriorate over time from what NeoDynamics assessed when the financial targets were adopted. As a consequence, NeoDynamics ability to achieve the financial targets consists of uncertainties and contingencies, some of which are outside the Company’s control. There is no guarantee that NeoDynamics can achieve the financial targets or that NeoDynamics financial position or operating profit will not differ materially from the financial targets.