Precision biopsy with micropulse control


Precise user-controlled biopsies

The NeoNavia biopsy system utilizes a proprietary micropulse technology designed to enable precise, user-controlled penetration of any tissue. Its unique pneumatic insertion system is intended to provide better control of needle insertion without noticeable deformation or displacement of surrounding tissue under ultrasound visualization. This allows physicians to accurately position and gradually advance the needle in order to obtain high-quality samples with precision.

Ideal for challenging cases

NeoNavia’s unique Flexipulse sampling needle is designed to facilitate maximum sampling yield with minimal tissue trauma. This makes the NeoNavia system particularly well suited for ensuring safe and precise sampling of technically challenging lesions. Examples include lesions that are difficult to reach or target, lesions near delicate anatomical structures, and lesions that are easily displaced by the biopsy needle tip resulting in the collection of non-representative samples.

Control and precision

By advancing the biopsy needle with assistance from short pneumatic micropulses, NeoNavia allows physicians to gradually and accurately reach the desired tumor location. The device’s approved intended use is for obtaining tissue samples from both breast lesions and axillary lymph nodes.

Safety and flexibility

The Flexipulse sampling needle design is optimized for delicate procedures and eliminates the need for a sharp, extended tip that can lead to unnecessary trauma. This makes the system optimal for safe and flexible sampling of a wide range of cases including small or large lesions and challenging tumors near the skin or chest wall.

Maximum tissue yield

The open sample chamber allows users to flexibly adapt sample length in accordance with tumor size. Short samples can be obtained from small tumors, minimizing unnecessary tissue trauma. Long samples can be obtained from large tumors, omitting the need for multiple insertions. The sample chamber has a total length of 6 cm.

The NeoNavia biopsy system enables high-quality sampling in challenging cases including:

• Tumors smaller than 10 mm in diameter
• Tumors near the chest wall
• Tumors near the skin
• Tumor adjacent to silicon implants
• Calcified Lesions
• Axillary lymph nodes

Histogram showing tissue sampling results in turkey breast using market-leading device (orange) versus NeoNavia biopsy system (blue).* *Schässburger K-U, Paepke S, Saracco A, Azavedo E, Ekström C, Wiksell H, “High velocity pulse biopsy device enables controllable and precise needle insertion and high yield tissue acquisition” Physica Medica 46(2018)25-31

NeoNavia is intended to allow clinicians to carry out axillary lymph node biopsies with enhanced control, thereby avoiding injuries to:

• Blood vessels
• Thoracic muscles
• Pleura

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