NeoDynamics is now issuing units equivalent to SEK 50.5 million with associated free warrants of an additional maximum of SEK 25.3 million in advance of a subsequent listing on Spotlight Stock Market. The proceeds are primarily intended to finance the final development of NeoNavia, clinical studies and marketing activities in connection with the product launch.

The issue in summary. Please download prospect on the right.
Subscription period
October 31 – November 14, 2018.
Issue price
SEK 16.40 per unit. One unit consists of two (2) shares and
one (1) associated free warrant of series TO 1. Price per share
is thus SEK 8.20.
Subscription block
The minimum subscription block is 375 units, amounting to
SEK 6,150.
Extent of issue
The issue encompasses up to SEK 6,160,000 shares and 3,080,000 series TO 1 warrants, amounting to SEK 50,512,000 and SEK 25,256,000, respectively. The established minimum
level for carrying out the issue is 3,080,000 units, amounting
to SEK 50,512,000.
Number of shares prior
to issue
Valuation (pre-money)
Circa SEK 75 million.
Subscription commitments and free guarantee subscription
The company has received subscription commitments totaling approximately SEK 31 million and a free guarantee subscription totaling SEK 6 million, equating to around 73% of the issue volume in total.
Listing on Spotlight
The plan is to list the shares and the associated series TO 1 warrants in NeoDynamics on Spotlight Stock Market. The planned first day of trading is December 7, 2018.
ISIN code

Summary of conditions for warrants
• The newly issued series TO 1 warrants (ISIN code SE0011725605) are estimated to be ready to trade on Spotlight starting December 7, 2018.
• One (1) series TO 1 warrant entitles the holder to subscribe to one (1) newly issued share at a price of SEK 8.20.
• Subscription of shares supported by warrants may take place from November 5 to November 26, 2019 by making a simultaneous cash payment which must be made by 15:00 CET on November 26, 2019.

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